We wanted to do it better! This Intention and the desire of something new motivates us to transform initial ideas and extraordinary imaginations into remarkeble films beyond the state of the Art.
Beech is a film production specialized on advertising. In our work we focus on combining desirable pictures with elaborate storytelling.

We offer a full advertising solution. From conception and developing over Art Direction to production and post-production. During a Implementation we put relationship over jobs and come with honesty toward every of our clients

Our Team is created out of handpicked personalities. The open work construction leaves no gaps between the different departments and provides a versatile and vibrant communication exchange. We review our projects from many different angles to build an essential closeness to the final product. Together we work as an efficiant production with a wide range of creative possibilities.

On our Quest for new challenges we are never satisfied of what is possible which leads us to perfection in our trade. And so in a working progress we try to grow a bit more with every piece of work.